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In our never-ending quest for more performance for the Opel, we are now offering a low mass, high torque, "button type" clutch and flywheel. This set-up is NOT for daily drivers, or cars that are driven in stop and go city traffic.

HOWEVER, if your car is only used for that "brisk" weekend drive, autocross, Solo events, "track days", ect. then you might be interested. (If you have named the turn at the end of your block "turn 1"... then you might be interested.) We are offering complete bolt on kits only (clutch, flywheel & clutch bolts).

For "serious" street applications, the clutch is a 7.25" "button clutch" with modified stock flywheel. The total "moment of inertia" for this set-up is less than the Aluminum flywheel/S-10 clutch that is available from Unorthodox Racing (see the clutch "group buy".) So for you autocrosser/solo folks, your engine will spin up quicker out of a corner. We are also offering an aluminum flywheel for the folks who are a little more "serious"... and for the REALLY serious, a 5.5" "button clutch" (not for street use) that could be set up to take up over 700 ft/lb torque. (The 7.25" can be set up for over 300 ft/lb torque).

The price for the 7.25" clutch and modified stock flywheel is $643.50. Add $375 for the Aluminum flywheel. Add $135 for dual disk, add $125 for the 5.5" clutch, and... if you are really stark raving mad… totally berserk like us… then for the ultimate lite-weight "carbon-carbon" 5.5" clutch, just send us your first born son over 16 years of age for 7 years of indentured servitude.

For more information, email me at [email protected]
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