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perplexing problem

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Need help with a problem.
Otto has offered advice on this, and sorry Otto, it has not cured the problem. I tried a few different types of fuel filters, even ran without a filter and the problem is still there. It's not the carb, as I have taken a known, good working weber from another car and the problem is still there. Same thing with the fuel pump. The problem is, when I accellerate moderate to hard, the car acts like it has hit a wall (imaginary). The motor wants to rev, and I know these motors will go beyond this point, but, the motor bogs. It's a stock 74 low-comp (7.6:1) with points, no Pertronix, as I have tried the Pertronix with it, and still the problem exsists, and a weber 32/36. The car starts, and idles like a champ, the best running one I have ever had, it's just under hard accelleration, it wants to bog. Normal accelleration is marvelous! It scoots a lot better than most cars I have ever had, but, not when you accellerate hard. It does this from a standing start, and running at speed, although it's not as bad, when at speed, but, it's still there. Any ideas?
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I have not checked the jets on this carb, as it came with the car when I bought it. As for the other weber, it's on my GT, with big valve head, 9:1 pistons, sport cam. The one on my GT NEVER did this. It would pull STRONG to redline, not anything like what my Wagon is doing. But, I put this carb (GT) on my Wagon and the problem was still there. I'll have to check all this info this weekend, as by the time I get home, and do all the other husband/father things, it's bed time for this old f**t :D :D
I did notice yesterday, when driving home, when accellerating hard, and this problem would start, if I backed off just slightly, you could feel the car jerk a very litle amount, like it's trying to correct itself and actually almost want to pull, but, still not doing it.
as a check for the fuel line and if you dont mind the risk
take a 1 gal fuel can and put it in front run a lenth of fuel line to the pump and bypass the orig line make sure nothing can move but leave a little slack for engine rock and wedge the line into the can so it strill gets air in but the line cannot come loose
tape every thing down so it can not move and then try it
if its ok then you will know its fuel

just a thought

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