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Picture of the back area

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Does anyone have a picture of the back of a stock GT (preferably 71 but I'll take what I can get) from the seat looking back at the tire area they would be willing to post? I just bought a 71, and whoever owned it before me took out the panel between the floor and the spare tire shelf, and put in two HUGH speakers. I'd like to get it back to stock, but I can't remember (I owned a new 72 when I was young) what it looked like.

Thanks for any help.
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Picture of the back

It looks like the back was a padded vinyl (yes?). I thought my 72 had a speaker pointing up to the rear window rather then two speakers pointing at the back of the seats.......Any thoughts?

back area

maybe this time :) couldn't get the plain picture to load, this one has small speakers but it's pretty close to stock


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Original had no speakers and unpadded vinyl. approximately 1/4" plywood with vinyl. Original had one speaker in the back window tray pointed upward.
I recently removed ALL that from my '73 GT. I saved pieces... minus vinyl & upholstery. My lower panel is uncut. Original speaker goes with the tray (looks crusty, but the plastic grill is good! ;) ). I'm clearing out now between restomod phases... the garbage can is full for the week... you are close to Salem... it would be a FAVOR to me if I had somewhere else to rid of it soon.
Let me know if you want it.
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