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Pictures of My refurbished dash

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Thought everyone might like to see the pics of my dash. It was done by dashboardrestorations.com in WA. They stripped off the old cracked vinyl, fixed the foam underneath, and applied new vinyl. On a scale of 10 I would give the job a 9.8. There are just a couple of spots that are not perfect, but I am extremely picky anyway. Cost with shipping $480.00

Greensmurf - thanks for the hint on resizing the pics to 600 x 600

Jeff :D


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Awesome looking and a better rpice than the current justdashes.com charges, hmmm...... :rolleyes:
Looks good. Did they do the gauge panel also?
Add a review to the Parts Review section for future use.
Jeff, it definately looks really good. Now if I could nit pick just a bit, after spending $600 for mine at JustDashes, :D are the dimples there in the top of the dash where the VIN tag goes, or are you going to have to guess where it goes? I can send you a pic if you need to know where to put it.
I was actually thinking of changing the location of the VIN Tag to avoid having to mess with the dash. I do have another dash so I have the location of the tag to put it back. I am not sure if it is legal to change the location though. They did do the gauge panel, to my dismay, since the one that I sent to hold the dash square for them is NOT the one I am putting in the car. I didn't know that they were going to do it too, I thought they were only doing the vinyl. The only thing wrong with the one they did is that many of the pin locations for the gauge mounts are broken, and some previous owner cut the radio hole bigger.
Speaking from experience on this, put the vin tag back in it's original location. There are very strict regulations on this coming from the federal side. After I forget which year it has to be visible on the dash area within a certain area. This is not an area to play with, they scrap cars for discrepancies. I'd make a copy of the reciept of the dash work and keep it in the car too. Better to be safe than sorry.
A real good point!!! Just to be sure, after I got my dash back, I questioned the location of the dimples for the tag on mine. JustDashes sent me back pics of three original dashes that hadn't been done yet to show the actual location of the tag, and the dimples in the dash were just where they were supposed to be. Nice stainless rivets now hold the tag in place, painted black of course. ;)
OK, I will have to put the two holes through my new dash, even though I hate to do it, but that is why I posed the question anyway, because I had a feeling it had to be there. Thanks for the input. Sure would hate to have my car put in a crusher after spending 20 grand on it! :eek:
Does anyone know where I could have a new vin tag stamped for the top of my dash? When I got the car the tag had been broken off. I had the dash restored by Just dashes and now have two dimples marking the location but no tag to put on it. Got it registered just last week and the DMV here in CT didnt say anything about not having one on the dash, they confirmed my vin on the plate under the hood.
New Tag!

Some delicate enqiries at the DMV would be the best place to start asking about a new tag as it is a VERY touchy subject - you cannot just go ahead and make another tag. Otherwise every car thief in creation would be doing just that! I know that here in New Zealand you can apply for a totally new VIN number and the DMV themselves make the new tag after exhaustive enquiries as to why you need it - be aware if they find anything suspect about your car (like it was stolen twenty years ago or a PO swapped rego plates from one body to another ........) then you may loose the car.
Take a look at trophy making shops. often they can do a raised lettering. Tell them it's for something other than a car. To reproduce or alter vin is kinda frowned on.
Its not like I dont have a vin. The plate under the hood is the only one that cant be unbolted from the car so I would say that is the one I wouldn't want to mess with. What if your changing out your dash with one from another car? You wouldn't just leave the old tag on it and have a discrepancy between the one under the hood and the one on the dash. I wouldn't think having a plate made would be a major issue unless you didn't have a vin at all.
I guess I kind of look at it as a plate with the vin number on it but the official vin tag is the one actually attached to the body. The one attached to the body is the only one that I would think really counts when Identifying a car.
Connecticut's kind of odd when it comes to DMV procedures. I built a custom utility trailer last year for a relative and they had it inspected per state law, armed with all the info and paperwork the DMV website said he needed. The inspector just looked at the trailer quickly, dismissed all the requisite paperwork and assigned it a 'homebuilt' VIN number. When my relative asked when he'd get the VIN tag the inspector said it was not the state's responsibility to provide a tag...just the number. So I ended up stamping a VIN tag myself from stainless steel and attached it to the trailer frame. Go figure....
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