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Hi As you may all know I too attempted the v6 combo and its coming out very good so far...

Any who Is there anyone in california who has spare opel GT seats that are willing to let them go for a reasonable price.
I have checked ogts no luck i checked opels unlimited they said yes and never responded to me after that for some reason.

I talked to someone in colorado who had two but the shiping cost made it not worth it shiping was like 200 dollars.

So if someone in california has some preferably lower california, by Los Angeles, Please let me know.

Thanks in advance

Also if you just plum know where i can get some let me know too.


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I have a set of white ones here in San Diego. The driver's side has the typical problem with the reclining mechanism. It won't lock in place, so as you are driving, you flop backwards. Not incredibly safe, but if you know how to fix it I think I would let the pair go pretty cheap.

If you don't want to fix mine, I second Ron's comments. The good seats that are currently in my GT came from Jim at USA Opels. They were freshly recovered, have good foam, and I recall thinking they were reasonable priced, although its been a couple years and I can't remember what I paid.


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Replacement Seats

Have a look at "Mita Seats" in the search box. There are some pictures of the installation of a set of 1997 Mazda Mita MX5 seats in my GT. They look just as if they were made for GTs!
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