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hi i'm from iraq
i have a prob with my cars radio
i 've lost my pass nomber with all the car papers cz it was stolen from the car with my personal papers
now i cant open my radio cz i have to insert the pass nomber
and we don't have an opel agent in iraq du to the bad bombing condition in iraq.
can anyone help me
i will give u my car engin nomber so maybe it would help

the nomber: WOLOTGF4825157814
opel -astra 2001

plz try to help me

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chicho, Hello from the other end of the world!
Most of our cars are "old" ones - mostly pre 1975 GTs and Kadetts.
However I have been there with the radio in my 1987 Ascona - the codes are generally only available at Opel or GM Dealers as a security measure but I was lucky enough to find the previous owner of my car and he had a record of the security number - is it possible to contact the original owner of your car or did you get it new?
Your other possibility is to remove the radio and get it to a GM dealer - but they will require proof of legal ownership before unlocking the radio.

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when you get to the dealer with the chassis number they should be able to tell you what the radio code is. if it is the original radio from opel that came with the car out of the factory.
at least this is how it works at ours (renault). but it could be they charge you for it. at ours you pay €7,50 for it.

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to save a lot of posts on this would members please read the part that says there are NO dealers in iraq

sorry chico but as we would not be able to prove ownership to a dealer in another country i dont think we will be able to help that way

if you have a good look around the car you might find a 4 figure number sitting on a sticker of in marker pen (its a habit with uk and german factorys to write down the code so the workers can reset as the car is made )

ford do it in the boot/ trunk by the spare tyre
opel/vauxhall tend to do the same but not always :(
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