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PO ignorance?

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Master Cylinder connections ?

Hi all,

As we are all aware the master cylinder contains dual pistons.
In the process of dismantling my old/rusty/leaking master cylinder I noticed that the brake lines were connected in a "funny?" way.

The back connection in the m/c (closer to the driver) was used for the left front wheel line, and the 2 up front connections were split between the right front wheel and the back wheels....

Now my question... is this correct?

Aren't the 2 front connections for front wheels and the back connection for the back wheels????

I thought the whole idea, in a case of failure of one of the pistons was to have either front brakes or back brakes. With the above setup it seems that if the front piston fails I would only have the left wheel brake working, else the back wheels and right wheel only .

Am i missing something? Or is this a case of PO ignorance????
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Me thinks you are on to something. Just make sure you traced the lines correctly and didn't get confused. It really sucks to find out everything was fine to begin with.:(
They way that it is set up now would be dangerous if you lost any of your break lines, any loss in a break line would result in a car that would veer sharply to one side if you stepped on the brakes.

you are correct, it needs to be set up so the front two for the front and the rear one for the rear.
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