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POR 15 vs Eastwood Rust Encap.

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AutoRestorer magazine ran a comparison test between POR15 and Eastwood's Rust Encapsulator. I was very surprised to read that they found POR 15 "poor" for the following reasons: extremely long drying time, solvent popping, shrinkage over time, and doesn't stop rust creeping. The products were tested on an old rusty hood in four different areas. The Eastwood product was superior in all respects. It will be interesting to see how POR 15 responds to the article. All in all I was surprised to see how poorly the POR 15 fared. I am having 2nd thoughts about using it (just bought the starter kit). Has anyone in our group experienced any of the same problems?
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I never had problems with POR-15. It takes a lot of prep and time. I have not used it on sheet metal. I have used it on cast components. I remove all the rust during cleaning (at least visible w/o a magnification). I don't rely on the chemicals.

There are products like Extend which neutralize rust well. However, top coating neutralized rust looks really crappy and these products have poor sand-ability.

Eastwood's products aren't cheap but have a good reputation.
I responded to this in length on the Yahoo site, suffice it to say I've ordered enough POR-15 to completely treat my GT inside, outside, top to bottom. One thing about POR-15, you have to follow the instructions explicitly, and follow the warnings. If you don't want the paint to stay, clean it immediately, before it dries, or it will stay, permanently or, if on your skin, until the skin flakes away. The "Metal Ready" that comes in the starter set will neutralize the rust and treat the metal so the paint has a good adhesion to it. Everything I've treated so far has been stripped, wire wheeled, cleaned, treated, and then painted. In about an hour you can pick it up with no adverse affects, it dries that fast?. HTH.

1) Auto Restorer accepts NO commercial advertising, which is why I like it
for not pushing any one product or having advertisements disguised as "articles"
to make it appear that the magazine endorses the item.
2) after having problems with POR 15 (2 months after the initial test) they
retested following the mfg.'s instructions again, and still had problems. The
biggest being the solvent popping, shrinking, and rust invading under the POR
15 where the POR15 abutted an untreated, rusty area. These problems were not
associated with the Eastwood product.
I bring this to our attention as it appears the problems appeared weeks to
months after the testing. Maybe those who have already POR 15'd their parts
need to check them out to see if any of the above problems are occurring. Again,
I am not dissing the POR 15, just trying to let everyone know that there
maybe potential problems down the road.
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Their method was as follows:
1) remove all loose or flaking rust with a wire brush
2) Use POR15 Marine clean to remove any grease or oil
3) Prep area with POR 15 Metal Ready
4) Apply POR 15 per can instructions.

They appeared to follow the instructions to the letter.
13 years later...

I wonder if anything has changed? I am about to embark on restoring my wife's project Opel GT (yes fellows; HER car, SHE wanted it, YES I'm a lucky man ;-).
I know POR15 was recently reviewed on Jay Leno's Garage in 2014 and he seems to swear by it.
Let me know after over a decade what all of your thought's are on the matter. Thanks :)
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Personally I like MasterSeriesCT Silver and then I POR15 over that.
Awesome! Thanks for the tip, looking into the many options.
Biggest thing I want to do is remove the engine and transmission, clean the engine bay really well, then remove any frame rust and put down a protective undercoating for road grit etc.
Thoughts on my case?
I ordered an Eastwood rust remover. I don't remember which one, but it sucks!! I really want my money back. I am going to try POR-15 or Rust bullet next.
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