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Ported intake


if your refering to my intake the welder built up the outside more than i asked and it is all solid weld... the inside is radiused just like bob posted in his full race proted intake article

as far as polishing the outside.... i would suggest doing the grinding yourself and taking it to your local polishing place and have them do it.... mine only cost $40 and if you do it yourself it is time consuming and not worth it to me.

The expensive part of getting the manifold ready to port is getting it ready to port by welding.... it is necessary to build a jig to bolt it to to keep the warping to a minimum.... also the easyest way to weld the wedge in the bottom was to cut the bottom out weld the ramp in and then weld the bottom back on. i also had 1/4" alluminum rods installed in the old intake to exaust bolt holes and welded in so i diddnt port into this void (as bob suggested)

both of the mounting surfaces (carb mounting surface and manifold to head surface) warped, i had to have them machined flat again.... this machining also lead to having the bolting suface on the exaust manifold milled down to mach the bolting surface thickness on the intake so everything matched.
1 - 1 of 210 Posts