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My fairly new engine (less than 2500 miles) also will blow the paper towel upwards and due to that I posted to this site awhile back about something I saw in a Blitz......but never got a response. Below is what i wrote.....any ideas on this?

*****I was just reading an Internet Tech Tip in an old Blitz (6/2000) about crankcase vacuum. In it there is a description of a hose teeing into the brake booster hose and leading to the valve cover, with an adjustable valve plumbed in. When the small line from the valve cover is plugged this creates a vacuum in the crankcase. The valve is adjusted until a vacuum at the oil filler hole is detected. This vacuum helps to reduce oil consumption.

Is this something we should consider doing on our cars. I have noticed on my 77 Datsun Z that there is a vacuum at the oil filler hole. It has a bazillion miles on the engine and doesn't leak any.... but does burn a little. Any ideas on this appreciated.******
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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