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If members post under the heading that kind of relates to the question (the last three were under "Manta"), but have a look in that section first, they just might find what you are looking for.

Don't mind me, but this was the fourth posting I have moved tonight, and I am just being BITCHY! OK, I feel better now. But seriously, this site is a terrific resource, and Gary worked hard and spent muchous dinero to make it a user friendly source of answers for Opelers.

Before members blast off a question that has been answered a bunch of times, PLEASE take a minute to see if you can easily find it. I don't mean to take an hour to read a mutitude of postings, but take a minute to do a simple search, or briefly review some of the thread titles in a section that might be related to your question. Then please post your question in a thread heading that you think might fit the question, to make it easier for the next reader to find the answers you posed the questions for.

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