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I have run into a problem finding a formulation for the paint I want. My paint shop uses PPG water based base coat. I have these codes for PPG, 14172 and 13829. PPG only has formulations for their bottom tier paints, ShopLine. I would much prefer to use their Deltron paint for the outer surfaces. Has anyone run into this problem? Will they create a formulation if there is a request? Has anyone used their ShopLine paint in these Strato Blue colors?

My other choice is to select a color for a modern car which is similar to the Strato Blue. Again, I am open to suggestions A quick check of paint chips came up with BMW Electric Blue, which I am showing the chip for. But the true hues do not copy on the photo. It actually appears a bit lighter than strato blue, but is a beautiful color.

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Sourcing classic car paints can be tricky, especially when a manufacturer changes ownership which happened to DuPont's automotive paints for example. There are two sources I know of that might be able to help. Please let me know if you have any success, as I will (hopefully) be painting my GT strato blue.

In Europe, strato blue was called monza blue. There was a paint formula for '69 and a slightly different one in '72.

Glasurit has both solvent based paint (line 55) and water based paint (line 90) for monza blue. They list strato blue but they don't have any options for it.

TCP Global appears to be able to provide acrylic enamel single stage paint, which would have been the type of paint originally on these cars. There were two types of paint used by Opel, acrylic lacquer (Belgium) and enamel (Bochum). If a company can create the paint if they have the original mixing information, this PDF might help.


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