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Probably fuel starvation

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On the way back from the OMC picnic I noticed that on the freeway at 5500 rpm :cool: I would lose power...as if i had a rev limiter. The engine runs and idles fine at all other times. Before I left for Los Angeles I put in some carb cleaner and all worked fine....even past 5500 rpm....but now something's changed.

Apparently I'm suffering from fuel starvation but I wanted to be sure of all the things to check....I'll probably start with the filter and then maybe get something that allows me to check fuel pressures. I have heard about that gas tank sock thing too. Plus maybe this is a good time to put in an electric fuel pump.

Any other things that might be causing this? Thanks,
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I had something similar happen to me a few years ago when I was using the 38 DGAS. I would hit a wall in 3rd at about 5500 and would have to shift to 4th to gain speed. Turned out I was emptying the fuel bowl, even with 3/8" fuel line and high volume fuel pump. Changing to the SSD Weber ended that problem. It has a larger bowl.

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