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Probably fuel starvation

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On the way back from the OMC picnic I noticed that on the freeway at 5500 rpm :cool: I would lose power...as if i had a rev limiter. The engine runs and idles fine at all other times. Before I left for Los Angeles I put in some carb cleaner and all worked fine....even past 5500 rpm....but now something's changed.

Apparently I'm suffering from fuel starvation but I wanted to be sure of all the things to check....I'll probably start with the filter and then maybe get something that allows me to check fuel pressures. I have heard about that gas tank sock thing too. Plus maybe this is a good time to put in an electric fuel pump.

Any other things that might be causing this? Thanks,
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sounds like a valve out of adjustment, sticking or floating,,you are getting to the limits of the valve train at that substained Rpm. any little hicup in the lifter will show up in the power out put. before I put in a electric fuel pump ,, install a pressure gauge and do the same run.
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