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I was able to get the shifter modified for the five speed, and worked most of the day to get everything together. Wanted to get the engine back in, but needed to run brake lines and such. Looks like I need to make some changes to the trans mount, it needs to be over towards the driver a bit more. I'm also going to turn the shifter around as the bend is forward and the shift pattern doesn't look right, it goes too forward. Anyways hope to have it up and running again sometime next week. Also painted the master cylinder in heavy duty chassis paint from Magnet Products.
Keith, If I recall I think I had to drill two new holes in the trans mount. I could not find any pictures of the trans mount in my car so if I remember I can take a look tonight. The car is up on one of my lifts so I could easily take a picture and measure the distance from the old holes to the new ones if in fact I drilled new ones. The shifter being too far forward might be a result of how the shifter "ball" was modified when the mechanism was changed to fit into a GT. It needs to be as short as possible, I got mine down to 1 1/4".
Ignore the "o rings go here" comment, that is left over from when I originally used this picture during my build.


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