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Am at the crucial discission stage myself and these are some of the options considered:

1) 1900 Standard - new rings and bearings, valve grind and new standard, hydraulic cam, 32/36 Weber and updated exhaust system. A sound used motor is an option here - just bolt it in.

2) 2.0 litre short block or long block(with 2.0 head) with the rest of the bits as above. This can be achieves at least a couple of ways a) Used 2000 engine ("Discontinued" by OGTS) so get lucky on the used market b) Bore the 1900 block 2mm and fit Chevy Pistons - see this forum. Needs a sound four-speed or Getrag five-speed.

3) Source a 2.2 litre CIH Opel engine or short block - call OGTS
Four-speed becomes marginal - requires Getrag

4) Source a 2.4 litre CIH Opel engine or short block - call OGTS
Requires Getrag five-speed

5) Fit a chevy 60 degree V6 with appropriate gearbox and diff.
-see this forum

6) Fit a Buick/Rover all alloy V8 with gbox and diff

7)Fit a Lexus or NorthStar motor g/box & diff to suit

8) Small block US V8 - Chevy/Ford/Chrysler/AMC/other GM

9) Big block US V8

10) V10 Viper or V16 Allison

Listed in order of expense/power/time to complete (or not) as the case my be.

There is a lot to be said for a near standard 1900/2.0 or 2.2

· Old Opeler
5,564 Posts
Just Glue a Gbox On

Many front wheel drive engines can be adapted to RWD with an earlier RWD gearbox stuck on the back.

That VW engine looks nice and powerful!

Also Mazda Mita 1800, Honda variants plus any other Alloy block/head Japanese motor that is about could be used.

I have settled upon a 1900 bored and stroked to 2,2 litres so that it looks original and will keep the auto gear box that is already in my GT - a GM Turbohydramatic TH180 as that was used in V8 Rovers so can take the four banger power with ease.

Am tempted by the Isuzu Nissan-Warner 4-speed auto as it has lock-up and overdrive which would be complemented by an Isuzu
torque tube diff with discs, limited slipand 3.9:1 gesr ratios.

That diff is no stronger than the stock GT diff but does come with limited slip and other good upgrades.
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