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Quick Question. 16x7 wheels for a 1977 BMW 320i. fit? yes/no?

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There are 16x7" Voxx wheels on discounttiredirect.com when you search for 77-80's bmw 320i's. im just making sure that these will fit. In the pdf file, it is said that they will. From what i can make out of the part number, i think they have a 20mm offset.

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That is the correct size for the GT(16 inch 4 x 100, 20 mm offset). I have TSW Revos in 16X7 with the same offset (20 mm). Make sure you get the correct size tires (approximately), so your speedometer is accurate. I have 205 45 16 Yolohama Predias, because they look good and they they come very close to the original diameter . Original diameter is 23.39 inches, with my changes the diameter is 23.30 inches. The tires are pretty low profile, some people like the look, some don't.

awsome, Thank you for the quick reply. I wasnt sure if I should go with the 45 or 50 series tire, but I think I'll take the shorter sidewall and go with the 205/45/16.

My opel project was pretty much at a dead stop the past 2 years. Now I think Im finally going to get it back on the streets.
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