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Quite a find from Colorado

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It was a difficult delivery but I am the proud papa of a 2105 pound, 162 inch, little 1970 GT. She has mistreated by someone who didn't love her but all the wounds will heal. I am so excited I just had to make a posting. And by the way if you saw the what carb is this posting a while back, it is indeed a Steinmetz single side draft but not with a webber 40DOCE... but a 45DCOE.

I am a lucky boy.



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To All;
The one in Cumming, GA (Jawja) is being parted out, now that someone spilled the beans on how much those carbs were worth. Don't fret anyone, it wasn't anyone on this site that did it. I even told Rick (bennecojr) to be "non-shalaunt" went he went to see the car in person so as to not let onto what the guy had. But, someone "let the cat out of the bag" Rick had the guy set-up to possibly get the car for about $150-200, but, someone offered $300 just for the carbs. Oh well... :rolleyes:
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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