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Quite a find from Colorado

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It was a difficult delivery but I am the proud papa of a 2105 pound, 162 inch, little 1970 GT. She has mistreated by someone who didn't love her but all the wounds will heal. I am so excited I just had to make a posting. And by the way if you saw the what carb is this posting a while back, it is indeed a Steinmetz single side draft but not with a webber 40DOCE... but a 45DCOE.

I am a lucky boy.



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Jeff, the one you were talking about was in Cumming Ga. Jared is correct it had dual sidedrafts. The one described above by gtmax was in Colordo. I kept both on my Ebay watch list to see what they brought. Jarrell
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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