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Raceway Park, Saturday Night!

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How does this sound? Third fastest qualifying time, fourth place in the A Heat, and sixth in the main? Without a scratch, may I add...
Not my best performance, the car developed a looseness in the Main and got scary a couple times. But hey, we're still fifth in points!! :)
Both races were very easy, there was trouble in both but neither involved me and didn't even bring out cautions.
Thanks to all you great folks who have helped so much with this endeavor! :cool:
Next race: July 23. Time for some more spring and A-arm (more camber right side) work!
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GTJIM said:
Guess you are having LOTS of fun too! Let them know at the track that you and your GT have an international fan club. :)
And 10 other ones on this site though your car the best too. ;)
...and we are waiting for the pic with the checkered flag! :D
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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