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I have received a couple of emails asking how the racing was going. Here's the answer I sent:

Where am I with racing... don't ask... #%^&&##%


Ok... we raced the Labor Day week-end... it was a half good week-end. Our Z-Car clinched the third consecutive GT-2 Championship.

The Opel???? Well, a broken motor mount.. caused the braded oil line going to the pressure sensor fitting on the block (direct reading gauge) to pull aginst the fitting and crack it... causing the oil to slowly get pumped out, but not enough to show a significant drop in pressure... while in the lead... a couple turns from the finish line the oil ran dry... the engine did not like that... I coasted to near the finish line... got out and pushed the car across the finish and ended up 2nd. This was a double race week-end and I missed the second race... which leaves me 3 points behind in the season championship...

We pushed back to the shop (at least our shop is at the racetrack)... the car hasn't been touched since... that crank you saw in the articles on www.tgsi.com ... is now trash... the parts in the pictures for the articles I have not written yet... they're probably trash.

I started this by saying "don't ask"... I don't think you want to see a grown man cry.
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