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Radiator hooked to the Carb? (water heated choke)

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Radiator hooked to the Carb?

We are now taking apart everything to remove the engine and transmission. Can someone tell me what is up with the carburator having radiator fluid or something running through it? Wouldn't that assist with overheating?

I searched first and couldn't find this. Thanks!

1970 GT
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yes, get a Weber. And if you lived in a colder climate, I would suggest that the 32/36 DGAV ("A" as in "Aqua", as in water-sensed choke) would be a good choice. It's more sensitive to actual engine temperature, while the DGEV ("E" as in "Electric") simply uses a electric current to open the choke by heating a bi-metallic strip. More time dependent than temperature, but much simpler than the water choke. Which does NOT contribute to overheating.

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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