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Radio Antenna

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Where exactly on the stock radio is the antenna jack? My car still has the factory radio all hooked up except the antenna. The radio turns on and lights up, but doesn't make any noise...hopefully its just the antenna..the speaker looks good.

Can you hook up the antenna without taking out the dash?
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like most cars it is behind the dash. youll have to remove the instrument panel to get to it.
steering column

your gonna have to lower the steering column and then un-screw the screws. then pull it out and that should let it be loose, and you should have enough room to see if your radio still works and the antenna is unhooked. or it might not work and it is hooked up.. well you get the idea...
I can get to the radio...feel around the whole thing..but where do I need to look for the antenna hole, that's what I'm asking. I might be able to get it in without removing the dash. I really don't want to remove the dash, in fear of cracking it. It is in perfect condition now, and never has been remove..Steering wheel still has the Non-headed bolts..

Feel at the back corners (if you can) that's usually where most all manufacturers try to put them, it'll be round, about the diameter of a #2 pencil
if its the kadett model by delco then its on the left side @ the back bottom corner i will dig mine out in a min and post a pic
radio jack

hi the jack is as shown you will be able to see / reach it from the passenger foot well


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Thanks, that helps out alot. Mine is not the Kadett, it says Opel GT by Delco on it..but I think they might be the same. I'll check it out when I get home.
whats up with the GT and Kadett radios? my GT says Kadett, and i have a 72 GT that says Opel GT radio.....did my radio come from a kadett?
mine was in my 70 so i guess they just renaned after a while
The early GTs got radio's with the Kadett label and later ones got the radios with the GT label. I don't know exactly when they made the switch.
my 71 has kadett, my 72 has opel gt......maybe thats when?
my 71 has GT..so maybe sometime during that year.
my 71 GT is a early 71, produce din september of 70
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