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OK... I have three simple choices for my Opel swap.

The 240SX used a final ration 4.10:1

The simple choices I have are

I can either install a Impulse Rear end (3.90:1)

Manta Rallye - 3.67:1

Manta Std - 3.44:1

What are the pluses and minuses..?

The 240Sx wighed close to 2900 lbs.. the Manta 2200 lbs

Keeping tires equal, the 240sx did about a 8.9 in the 0-60

What would the Mnata do with the respective different ratios..

Also what about gas mileage.. The 240 got like 24mpg or something..

What do you think I can realizitically expect from the Nissan motor? Given the gears I have.

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Over Drive 5th?

I guess the Nissan is fitted with an overdrive fifth in the gear box with about 0.8 - 0.85 :1 ratio??
The Manta is lighter so you can use a taller diff ratio to get similar performance. The Impulse gears would give you best acceleration but may be a bit harder on gas. The 3.44 gears may end up being a bit tall in overdrive and hurt gas milage by making the engine struggle. Maybe try the 3.67 gears for a compromise between accleration and economy in overdrive ......

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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