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Metal Polishers!

It seems that Chrome Platers and Metal Polishers around the world are ALL the same. Nothing else slows them down quite so much as impatience ;)

THe local one does superb work but a phone call to him to check up on progress results in being put back at the end of the line. Two phone calls and he returns the items as they are - and charges storage! Jumping up and down in the shop means he will start immediately on the polishing but have a terrible disaster in front of your eyes which result in the part slamming into the wall behind the polishing m/c with a mutter of "Too much rush - that will take a bit of expensive panel beating!" "Take it away and come back when you have finished it - and start at the back of the queue!" :eek:

The moral of the tale: If you have your parts at a chrome shop that does good work be patient! There is a long line of customers in front of you!
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