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joemama said:
I sent my chrome parts out to nuchrome back before christman 2003, and have STILL not gotten them back. I called today, and they complained about having 500 customers waiting.

I asked them to send them back to me so I can take them somewhere local.

They are very good,as I had them do work before. But they are killing me. I'm already forfeiting my entry fee to a car show this weekend because of their delay.
When you call Nu-chrome, be sure to speak with Jack Baker. He will be there Wednesday morning and he's heading to a show in Englishtown, NJ on Thursday. I had a few beers with Jack tonight. He did say that they had some GT work in the shop and that the bumpers were done, but they were having a hard time with the emblems and could not do the gas cap without it being disassembled. Don't know if they were your parts or not, but I'll forward your message to him.

Nu-Chrome has the space next to me at the Carlisle Imports show.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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