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So, just in case you thought you had a bad day, ponder the following question:

What do you get when you cross a 70 mile-per-hour trip down the freeway with a broken upper radiator hose? (Apparently temp. gages don't work all that well when all of the coolant comes out at once, by the way.) If you guessed and overheated 1900 engine, you forgot to factor in the header wrap that had apparantly soaked up enough gas from the once leaky Solex for long enough to burst into flames from the heat. Luckily when the vacuum hoses all melted the engine died, helping stop the car.

The fire was quickly put out, and while the motor cooled the wiring and hoses were repaired enough to get home. It only took @45 minutes on the side of I-87 without a single Good Samaritan for the engine to cool enough to get some water in it.

If you don't carry a fire extinguisher now, I very highly recommend getting one. I actually thought my car was in better than average repair, and it still took less than 2 minutes to give a Kadett the ability to make s'mores. :eek:
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