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Hi, i really need a little help from someone here. :hail:

I have a few days to complete a special 1/43 scale model of an Opel Kadett Caravan E Club (1989).

It’s a special gift for a friend who’s going to sell this great old car very shortly. I’d like her :D to keep the spirit of her first car alive!

I need to know which type-font was used for the “Kadett” and “Opel” emblems on the back of the car, aswell as the “Club” sticker type-font.

I will be grateful either if you can tell me these data or if you could send high resolution images of these particulars, if someone eventually owns this kind of car, so that i can realize the decals for the scale model.

Also, i need an advice about the colour of the car: i have a couple of images... it’s a dark blue/violet, if anyone is an expert of old Kadett paint colour, please contact me, so that i can send you the images and you can tell me some more about the colour scheme.

Thanks a lot for any answer. It will be very much appreciated.

Gandalf :)
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