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Q: Will the factory axle handle that kind of power??
A: No.

Q: ...is if there is a setup i can get off a different car that has rear independant suspension and disk brakes.
A: Yes. 260Z-280Z-280ZX-300ZX is one, actually 2 differential types. See www.hybridz.com for details. They use a mustache bar (difficult to work around) but are the correct width, can be LSD and have rear disks. These can handle 300 hp/torque. There are others, but I'm not the guy to ask on those. Vette rearends are typically too wide to be narrowed this much (bad 1/2 shaft angles). I have an unused 280ZX in my garage.

Note: Torque is the big killer on axles. And it's the biggest problem for finding a narrow rearend, as most narrow rearends are meant for 4 bangers.

For live axles, many people use late model GM's (S-10) and Ford 8.8 (Mustang). I found the right width Dana 44 off a 1970's postal truck. Dana 44 come from some Jeeps (like Grand Cherokee which also has disks), IH Scouts and many trucks (full size domestics). Narrowing any rearend is expensive (by my standards). Plus, you'll need to remount all the correct hardware. Disk brakes/kits are available for all these.
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