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does anyone no what color wires did the
factory use for the rear defroster? since
that was really the only option did they
run the wires for it in every gt? or did they
have to run a couple extra wires when
ever a rear defroster was orderd????

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In a factory manual of a 1971 gt the wire is black(thicker than
wires for taillights)there is also a brown one for grounding(earth)
mine is a 1971 with no defoster( original) and the wire is build in
With standard defroster there is also a hole in the leftside of the dash for the switch
hope this helps you ,:cool:

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The hole is for the indicator light. The switch is one of the rocker switches on the dash. The indicator light will only come on when the engine is running. It won't come on with just the key in the "on" position.
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