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All you need is a Kadett
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This was sent to me, and I will forward email address to anyone

Eaton, OH

Hi, I found the Opel club site and your contact. Not sure if there is
any interest or need, but I have two rear windows for Manta body cars
that need a home. I don't want anything for them but likely would
need to be picked up as shipping would be costly. I'm in central Ohio
on the north side of columbus.
If you could pass this info on I'd appreciate it.


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REAR MANTA window in Columbus Ohio NEEDED.....

Hello Allen / Nick
Was wondering if you by chance still have these windows
I could really use these . I know it s been a while since you
posted them , but you never know .I might get lucky So I thought I
would a least ask . I live in Columbus Ohio.
Also is it possible if I could call you if thats ok . Thanks .
Please let me know if you received this .... Thanks again. Take care
John ...
ps . I have a 72 Manta that has a very bad cracked rear window.

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I have a 72 Manta that has a very bad cracked rear window.
Are you referring to the back glass, or one of the two side tip-out glasses? If the tip out, which one? Driver's side or passenger side. I have all, I'm in GA
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