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Hey I'm looking to drop my engine and replace all the gaskets- I put oil in over the weekend and want to make sure all the gaskets are good.

Here is the story - bought the engine- short or long block and had to use stuff from the old engine to put it together plus a high performance head and 3/4 cam. Looking back, did I do it right?

So I want to make sure it is done right this time, I could use help physically orwith forums. Anyone near by looking for some fun?


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Dave, not trying to sound smart, or petty, but type in "Rebuilding engine" in on the search engine, and then narrow it down. I've spent countless hrs this winter seeing what can can be built with an engine. I have an idea in mind for this summer.
There's a full set of gaskets on Ebay, but if you cross the nos. off Ebay, you can get them at you're local Napa for about $20+ cheaper and they only charge you $5 for overnightif you're in a hurry. HTH, Jarrell
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