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Quick note to update a 'for sale' ad I posted a few weeks back. I've knocked a couple hundred off the original asking price, and lowered it to $750. I would also like to point out that the pics included with the ad are the WORST I could include, as it is not part of my constitution to misrepresent or mislead someone into thinking the car is almost a daily driver, nor is it a basket case by any means. From many angles the car looks quite good, and is in fact substantially more solid than many I've seen here on this site which have undergone restoration!

My motivation for selling is that I have two Kadetts on the property which I really, really am eager to modify and drive, therefore the GT is most likely to continue to sit and languish for another ten years.

As stated in the ad, a respected member of this group has viewed and inspected the car, and has consented to offer his opinion of the vehicle for anyone interested.

PM me for further details! Thanks.
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