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Often available on eBay. Also try the used Opel vendors (Opels Unreachable, http://www.opelsunl.com/ , or better still, David Ponder at Opeljunkyard.com http://www.opeljunkyard.com/ , or even Jim Marchitto at Opels Forever/USA at http://www.webnow.com/opelsforever ). And best yet, do what you did and ask on this site.

Oh by the way, former Moderators like to see threads on "transitory" (like, temporary) items go to the "Open Discussions" Forum. So that is where this went.

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I have door glass for a GT and I live on the other side of PA(near Philadelphia). This is for a door right? Not the small window behind the driver?

I don't know if all of the GT's used the same glass. I know '69's sometimes use different stuff.

Let me know if you want to drive out or I can ship it.


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Yes, Its a passanger door glass. Let me see where I am at financial there might be one about 20 miles away if not ill gget in contact with you as soon as possible
Thank you very much
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