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Greetings All - Well...the time has finally come. Last month, I submitted NOS versions of the 1975 "Sportwagon" decal and the 1975 dealer option Manta stripes to a graphics reproduction shop. Today the proprietor contacted me with pricing and said he would soon have a link on his website where Opel owners can go and view the reproduction graphics. His e-mail is attached below. I recieved approximately 15-20 requests for these stripe kits. Based on these numbers, if everyone places an order...each stripe kit will cost $65 and the "Sportwagon" decals will be $5 each. As you'll see in his e-mail...smaller reproduction numbers will equal higher prices. Since this was not a money-making endeavor and I have no desire to be a 'middle-man', I'd be very grateful if everyone interested would contact Mr. Kevin Messina at Stripeman Graphix and place your orders as soon as possible. (www.stripeman.com) 1-800-952-9688. If you haven't seen the original stripes and think you might be interested, please see my Manta in the members photo section. Thanks for your patience. -Scott D.

PS - I'm also planning to have him reproduce the Opel Blitz emblem as a decal. I told him that others may be interested in having some of the rare graphics that were offered for the GT and perhaps some of the graphics that were offered in Europe. (GT/E etc.) If anyone has rare NOS copies of other Opel graphics...please consider sending them to Kevin for reproduction. The more business we send him, the cheaper these kits will be for Opel enthusiasts. He says if there's enough interest, he can provide a link on his web site exclusively for Opel specialty graphics.


I have done some calculating and determined that we can produce the Opel stripe kits for the following amounts:

1 kit - $125 for the first - any subsequent orders would cost $85 each.

5 kits at once $75 (same color)

10 kits (5 each color or all the same) $65 each.

$5 should cover the sportwagon decal.

NOTE: If the initial order is 5 or more kits, the setup fee is waived.

Let me know what you think.

Kevin Messina
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