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Reproduction Updates:

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First off, I am still awaiting the results from those working with the prototypes to see if any changes are needed. Also if the guage is correct. But it should be soon (K.W. and S.D. how is it going....?)

Secondly onto the much awaited the 74-75 Manta front rubber.

Unfortunately we could not also make it for the Ascona. Unless of course some well heeled Ascona owner wants to cough up $600 for the molds.

Yes that's the cost of the molds - $600, pricey but livable.

Cost per SET breaks down like this:

5 orders - $260
10 orders - $200
20 orders - $170

How many would be interested?

Also the 73-75 C-Pillar louvers

$75 a set if we have less than 10 orders
$65 a set if we get 20 orders or more

Considering the German Reproductions are going for 55 EURO (or about $90) a piece, this works out great.

SO.... how many orders do I really have now that they COULD Be available?
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has anyone ever made louvers for the rear quarter windows? i think that maybe it would look good on my '74...
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