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Reservoir Overflow Bottle

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my '73 GT has(had) a plastic coolant reservoir bottle wire-bread-tied (OEM... I think NOT ;) ), hanging low in nose next to carbon filter.

I'm suspecting it's not a GT bottle as it doesn't appear to have a proper home down there... & is just too big to hang (has a 1-hole mounting tab molded into top) anywhere else under the lid.

Anyone know of pic links that'd show what I should be seeing?

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Unless I'm wrong, a stock '73 wouldn't have had any coolant overflow container. Just an overflow hose routed towards the ground. Probably an aftermarket one that a previous owner fashioned in there? I did work a small aftermarket one into the nose of my '70 in a different place than that though.
I agree, a stock 1973 GT did not have coolant overflow capability of any kind.
Just curious, which aftermarket bottle did you use?
Are you saying my overflow bottle isn't stock?!
I wondered why the cap says "Bottled in Atlanta, GA"


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Now that's creative recycling!
I purchased the smallest aftermarket coolant recovery kit bottle I could find, and oddly enough mounted it very close to where 72 GT's less expensive version is mounted! differance being in a pinch for cash his would be worth deposit return money, mine would be worthless. :D
Zip ties have to be on the list of greatest inventions of the late 20th century.
Reservoir bottle

I found a nice small bottle that can be mounted sideways or vertical, if I get a chance I will find out manufacturer and availability. Cost 12.00 if I remeber and is really the ideal size
Here's a picture of my cheap (about $3.00) nagalene overflow bottle that I got for a camping supply store:

Overflow Bottle - Opel Photo Gallery
i am using a starbucks water bottle for my windshield washer bottle i mounted a pump to the side and fill the bottle up, and windshield wash away, it was on sale hence why i bought it.
Beer Can

the guy I bought mine from had an old beer can as a reservoir...

haha.. It's still there because I haven't found a descent alternative. although that water bottle looks nice...
I have a 2 liter bottle on mine :lmao:. I always wondered why people laughed at it at car shows! But its a great way to moniter how much coolant your radiator is spitting out. And a zip ties go nicely around the neck of the bottle.
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