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this is a UK Mag very expensive here $10

the MAR 04 has some cool old rally cars on the front cover and a Manta A

with IRS and 2.0 DOHC (XE) very cool Mag

back in Nov 03 it had a poster of Vauxhall Firenza V8 Super Saloon race car

And a good write up on how to get 200HP out of a 40 year old engine that started out with 80hp. (ford)

very cool Mag

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This wouldn't happen to be the Manta on the cover, would it?
If it is, this is one awesome Manta, and it's not just a 2.0 16V, but, also turbo'ed and 5 speed.
no that's not it the one in the Mag is black and a non turbo

i think where falling behind we need some IRS cars here in the States

that's a cool Manta

Man i supposed to be getting out of Opels

davegt27 said:
Man i supposed to be getting out of Opels
"Just when you think you got out....they pull you right back in...." - The Godfather Part ?
dave what ford engine was is ? the "kent" by any chance ? as one of our members in the US has a fiesta with one in
and gary no horse coments please the last one hurt my head:) the godfather part ?
You may be able to pry the guy out of the Opel but you cannot get the Opel out of the guy!
the motor is from a Mk 1 Cortina GT

not sure which motor

"Just when you think you got out....they pull you right back in...." - The Godfather Part ?

ha ha not to mention all the parts and 3 GTs i have

Retro Car Magazine will have a feature article on four Opel Manta's in the September 2008 issue. In the US, the mag is sold at Barnes & Nobel. As of today, 8/18/08 the Aug 2008 was still on sale however. So in the next few days the new Sept issue should be available as it went on sale Aug 14th across the pond.
Retro Cars Magazine Steinmetz Manta Dec. 2011 Issue

Just picked up the Dec. 2011 issue of Retro Cars Magazine at B&N yesterday. It features an amazing '72 Manta S that was later tuned by Steinmetz in 1974. The current owner is an Opel dealer in Lübeck, Germany. The car features all sorts of Steinmetz goodies and an Irmscher interior. Yummy!
-Jeff W


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