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Right Front Caliper - Need Help (Manta Caliper on a GT)

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Just registered. Hope some one can help. I have a 1973 Opel GT. I am attempting to change calipers on the front end. My problem...is that when I order a right front
( passenger side ) caliper ..I keep getting one that appears to be suited for the left side...(I have one of these already by asking for a right front!) The obvious difference to me is the location of the female threaded brake hose connection. Any suggestions.

Thanks in Advance!

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It sounds as if you are getting Manta front calipers instead of GT calipers. They are physically the same casting, with identical piston bores, mounting flanges, etc. But the GT fluid line inlet is at the underside, and the Manta is at the top. Other than this, they are interchangeable. I have in fact used Manta calipers on GT's before, and simply made a new line for the fluid feed. Hope this helps, and is related to your problem.

If you are asking: "are GT right and left front calipers different?", yes they are. I just had mine re-built so they are sitting here on my floor. The castings are the same, but the rear halves (which bolts to the hub carrier) are drilled differently, right versus left. The bleeder valve should be at the top when the caliper is installed, with the female threaded hose connection at the bottom on the GT. With the calipers lying down on the floor, looking at them from the "back" with the mounting bolts down and horizontal, the left caliper has the bleeder in the top right corner and the hose connection is drilled in the bottom left corner. The right caliper is opposite (bleeder in the top left corner, hose connection in the bottom right).

If you have what Bob thinks (a Manta caliper), then both the bleeder and fluid inlet will be at the same end. This could work, if you actually have a "right-hand" Manta caliper, and you could re-route the brake lines. BUT, you CANNOT use a right-hand GT or Manta caliper on the left side, because it will cause the bleeder to be at the bottom, and you will never get all of the air out when you bleed the brakes. HTH.
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bleed brakes

I only had a set of gt calipers around when changing my manta calipers so I took the clip off of the rubber line, inverted caliper, put a 1/2 inch block of wood inbetween pads, and bled the caliper while holding it in my hand with the brake bleeder at top. Works good, but if you ever need to bleed the brakes you have to unbolt them from the car.
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