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We make roll bars and cages for the GT... 1.5" x 0.095 DOM ONLY so that they are safe. ERW is cheap, but it may rupture. Our bars & cages won't be the cheapest (because they are TIG welded) but they are the best. If you have a $10 body, then buy $10 worth of safety.

We do two styles of roll bars... bolt in for auto-x and such and weld in for the best safety & chassis stiffness improvement. Both styles meet all SCCA requirements. Full cages are weld in only. We ship the full cages with "main hoop" completely and all the other pieces bent and cut. Before we ship a cage, we tack weld it together in our GT shell so we're sure it fits correctly. We "break" it back apart and ship it with the tack welds still in place so all you have to do is fit the tack points together. Email me if you want more info: [email protected]
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