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Does anyone have good pictures of a roll cage installed in a GT? I am going to put one in this fall, and was looking for ideas. I've looked at bob's asconia, but there isn't nearly the room to create something that elaboate. I have a design in my head, but any suggestions would help. Also, if there are any areas that are recommended or not for mounting points to the chassy let me know.

BTW, Jegs sells cages for the GT but on top of the price you've got an additional $99 to truck it to me, bringing the cost of a 10 point from $200 to $300! Thats just for pre-bent tubes and 1/8" plates. I think I can borrow my dad's tubing bender and buy a notching tool (any suggestions, will be building 3 cages in the next year or so) for much less than that.


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