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Roller Rocker Arm Group Buy

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I have just gotten off the phone with the folks that made the original red/blue roller rocker arms a few years back. In another thread I mentioned that I would try to put together a group buy. This can now become a reality!

Of course, the price will depend on the size of the "buy". I think that even for a small "buy" the price will be under $500. Even less if enough folks go in on this. This will include everything you need to install the rocker arms.

I know that folks have gotten "burned" by another "outfit" that took the money and ran. I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do about that. What I can do is assure you that I've been in the Opel performance business for a long time... I'm not going away.

I would like to put this all together fairly quickly... say two weeks. I would need about $250 for deposit at that time... ballance when the stuff ships.

So, I need to know how many people would want "in". You can email me directly, [email protected] or I will answer questions here.

Please, let's try and keep this thread from diverging from group buy discussions. The other two threads on roller rocker arms are good threads for information and discussion.
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Well I for one would be interested at no more than $500 for everything one would need. But I would want to know how long to get the merchandise as I too have been following this sad saga of frustration and being glad I wasnt in it. I got quoted 450 from the supplier but enough hints were out there to make me hesitant.
So if it is together in two weeks, how long to produce and have them in our grubby hands? Thanks for doing the work and hope it happens for us all.
It has been a long time since I ha ve seen anything on the group roller rocker buy. Does anyone know the status of Bob Dennard and roller rockers?? Thanks.
It is time for an update!!!!!!!!!!
BOB DENNARD! What is happening with the group roller rocker buy? It doesnt take this long to work out a computer problem; there is little excuse for NO communication. Is anyone in the group buy close to Bob that you can check to see what is going on with this? We were assured this would go quickly but I dont see this as quick. It is way past time for an update.
An update is not too much to expect. This from your second post:

I'll try to answer the questions in order.

I'm still working out all of the details on schedule. As it stands for now, it will take about 4 weeks to produce and assemble all the bits and pieces.

Low on cash? Well, the initial deposit will be $250 so that should cover the first part. If the 4 week production time is not long enough, contact me directly by email ([email protected]) and we'll work out something.

What is included? This will be a complete kit and will include everything you need to install the roller rocker arms. There will be no engine modifications necessary for installation... this will be a true bolt on. In addition to the roller rocker arms themselves, the kit will include "poly locks", valve cover gasket(s), a valve cover spacer (requried for clearance), longer valve cover bolts.

There will also be something to accomodate the roller that is on the lifter side of the rocker arm. This is a cost issue that I have not deceided upon. So, this will be in the form of either a "cap" to go over stock lifters, or a replacement set of lifters. In either case, it will not be required to change the cam... although you may want to.
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When Do I get My Deposit BACK?

Bob I am still waiting for you to return my deposit. When might I expect to see it?

From: "Robert Dennard"
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 2004 22:35:12 -0500
To: "TGSI"
Subject: Roller Rocker Arms
Attachments: default.htm

I suspect most of you figure that I've fallen off of the edge of the earth? or run off with your deposits for the roller rocker arms. Well, neither is true.

Without going into the agonizing details, problems and setbacks mean that I still am not much closer than I was three months ago. Briefly, the problem has been getting the aluminum body right, sufficient strength of the roller pins, and lifter caps that will work properly.

The last one? proper lifter caps.. is impossible. There are at least 4 variations of solid lifters, and at least 3 variations of hydraulic lifters in "circulation" for the Opel. I have tried a couple of different designs, but have not been able to come up with a way to find a satisfactory "one size fits all" answer? nor a "two sizes fit all" answer. (This is one of the main ways I intended to keep the cost down? lifter caps instead of new lifters.) It appears now that the only solution is to go with new custom lifters.

I have come to a point in time? probably past time? to refund everyone's deposits. It has been far too long for you to have nothing to show for your money. So, I will be refunding you deposits next week. If you want to be paid via Paypal, just give me your PayPal email address and I'll send the refund that way. I'll include the paypal "hit" so you won't be out any bucks. Or if you prefer, I'll send you a check via "snail mail". Just let me know which way you want the refund.

By the way, this DOES NOT mean that I'm abandoning the roller rocker arm project. It just means that I don't feel right "sitting" on your deposits any longer. I'll let everyone know when I've got the stuff ready.
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Where is My Deposit?

Bob this is the message you posted for me in response to my question about when you were going to send my deposit back. Your posting is now over two weeks old and I still have not seen my deposit. If you havent yet sent it please tell me when I can expect to get my money back from you? Has everyone else gotten their deposit back by now?
Your note from more than two weeks ago:


You emailed me your mailing address last Sunday. I got back to my emails today, so your check will go out on Monday.

Everyone who requested the refund via PayPal has received it... or at least they should have.
Your lecture doesnt make too much sense to me. I agree with keeping people in business that make specialty Opel parts. But if those people wont/cant/refuse to make refunds when they are absolutely due then I for one would do no more business with them. So far Bob D hasnt done anything he told me he was going to do. He indicated he was mailing my refund on May 10. The mail isnt that slow as it hasnt arrived yet. If his word isnt any good then he doesnt deserve to stay in business. If his word is good then he will get over his occasional bad deals.
Well my thanks to SAMDOG as my roller rockers from him have arrived. I too saw his rockers at Carlisle and told him I wanted to buy a set but didnt bring my check book with me. He took me on my word and gave me the valve cover spacer and stud girdle to carry back home with me as he didnt like to ship them. So with those pieces and came home and sent him a check for the rockers and stud girdle. Today my rocker set arrived. I appreciate the way in which he treated me and trusted me. I will be installing these in a 1.9 to 2.4 conversion currently being built. Now I need to choose a cam and get it here. Thanks again SAMDOG it was a pleasure doing business with you.

PS: No, I have yet to hear from Bob Dennard or worse yet get my promised deposit back for that deal on rockers which did not happen. SAMDOG has the goods and can deliver the goods as he said.
Yesterday by snailmail I recieved a check from Bob Dennard of TGSI for my deposit. Tomorrow I will deposit it in the bank.
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