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Here's my tale, my latest spree
Had meant to leave at AM three
T'was actually close to quarter of four
When I finally shut my Bitter's door.

I-75 North's the route first taken
This time of day it's quite forsaken
Fifth gear's engaged, the pedal's down
As I start my trip from Plano town.

A/C is off, the window's just cracked
My Blaupunkt changer's fully stacked
Though Nora's songs are sad and blue
On eight speakers, they sound so true.

I settle into my "bridging" groove
Left lane's only used, to pass and to move
My jammer is on and fully alert
Those "bear's" little stops, to try to avert.

Ms Jones is relaxing, the road's just a blur
Through many small towns, with nary a stir
Sherman's behind now, Oklahoma's ahead
What was I-75 becomes 69 instead.

Durant, Atoka and McAlester soon pass
Except for towns passed through, I'm always on gas
Eufala, Muskogee and Wagoner too
I gas up in Pryor and go to the loo.

Friday is dawning, I continue on North
Soon enter the turnpike, which carries me forth
At the Big Cabin entrance, the road's 44
75's here the limit, my speed's a bit more.

44 lies before me, less North now than East
I soon enter Missouri, no more toll road, at least
Long stretches of highway, by towns not slowed much
Much easier to keep pace here, without using the clutch.

Joplin, Springfield, Lebanon and Rolla soon pass
Without ever really having, to lift off the gas
My Bitter is filled with, Sarah's wonderful voice
But the snacks I've consumed, soon leave me no choice.

I'm already past Sullivan, and Union also
But Eureka's ahead, so that's where I'll go
First coffee and breakfast, though already past noon
Then potty and fill-up, on the road again soon.

Now continuing east, along Route 44
I soon reach St. Louis, go through it and more
While still in Missouri, it bends to Northeast
Continues through town but, still moving at least.

On the east side of town, two other roads merge
As I cross into IL, get my "second wind" surge
Road's 55/70 now, 44's just behind
55-North turnoff's, the exit to find.

And just beyond Troy, roads go their own way
But it's 55 North, on which I will stay
And continuing northward, for an hour or so
I arrive showing 785, with no miles to go.

To summarize quickly, here's what took place this day
Plano to Springfield, 785 miles - 10H45m, that is all I will say! :eek:

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Great Story!!

WOW!! That was a great story for 70+ avg 750+ mile drive.

I like the following::

....The detector was on...
....the bears were a sleep...
....the traffic was light...
....I was off on a low level flight...

I am sure it was a great trip. The photos are great.
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