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Well it was great fun did our test and tune on Fri and she was a little slow at the start and has been getting faster as the day went on. Started out running in the hight 25 sec. On sat things went well again ran the mid and low 24 sec. They put my up with a ten sec car well that was funny for the guys at the end of the track called down to the starting line to see if I broke for the 10 sec car was long gone. well we showed them we made it in 24.16. Joyce the person in staging had to tell me when I came back what had happen. Well now Sunday was do or die hummm . I dialed in at 24.17 as our weather station said but the little thing had to much to give I even dumped it at the end and ran a 23.67. I think she is really starting to clean out for she is about down to what she is rated to run. When all done with my run they said here comes our next super gas car. In our team we have 2 opel gts that are super gas so at night a lot of people would come and visit with us and thought it was great to see a stock opel gt. Well are next race is Aug.2 and we will be there. :cool:
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