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Rost in the ventilation holes above rear window?

Hello guys!

I have a Gt that I'm restoring, but am running into a problem. In europe we have this vry big problem called rost;-)
I have rost around the ventilation holes in the roof above the rear window, is it possible to buy bodyparts for that exact area? I've seen many Gt's around here with that problem!

Looking forward to hear from you! Joachim:)

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Rebuild it!


Had exactly the same problem myself as part of my body rebuild.
Found that the cost of air freighting a cut from an old body would be more than having the body shop repair it.

Of course the rear glass has to come out. There are four or so layers of sheet metal where the vents are and the rust patch is usually bigger than you think, so a fair bit of surgery is called for.

Make sure plenty of rust proofing goes in as far as you can get it while the area is openned up for repair as it is a real water trap.

New metal made up to replicate the original bits is best as any clip you get from an old car will have internal rust there, even if it comes from Arizona, as those holes are the exit for the internal ventilation system. All the water from breath and sweat leaves the car through there!
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