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I am in the process of tearing down my GT and I was happy because it seemed like a really solid body. I was taking apart the back where the spare tire goes and took all that out and was still impressed on how there was absolutly no rust or anything on the tank or anywhere. But when I to the rear trim piece i noticed that on the bottom edge where the rear panel meets the rear quarter there is rust. I cannot see it from the outside but it does not just look like surface rust. so i was wondering how most of you would go about fixing this. I really dont feel like taking that rear panel off besause i know how much a pain spot welds are.


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Rust NEVER Sleeps!

As you are tearing down your GT - I presume in preparation for painting - that rust has to be dealt with while you have the opourtunity.
Left alone it will eat its way through to the outside and ruin any new paint job in an area the most Mustangs see - the tail end! :D
Seriously, at the very least scratch out all the loose flakes and heaviily coat the area with POR-15 to slow things down. Removing the rear panel is not that bad a job and it can be reoved in sections - see the "action" pics in my gallery.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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