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It seems most of you are east of the Mississippi BUT maybe one or two of you might want to join in the FUN here in San Diego

IF you are near enough?

We are meeting in Temecula California and San Diego Mission Valley Saturday mourning February 22nd, 2003 at 9:00 AM to drive our Opels to JULIAN, CA. for LUNCH at noon at the Firehouse Resturant

We "northern" Opelers will be driving through the Cleveland National Forest and stopping at Dudleys bakery on the way there to get the BEST chedar cheese bread in the world ( other types are just as good )

Then on to the Gold Mine town of Julian for the BEST APPLE PIE in California.
We are meeting at high noon for lunch and good Opel fun ( at least that is the plan

The Southern Opelers will be driving up Sunshine Hwy to Julian. )

If you are interested ( or ABLE ) in joining us please contact the SDOMC for futher details

website is www.opelsforamerica.com

The contact info is there;)
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