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I usually use glass media for most of my steel or aluminum parts that I blast in my one cabinet. It leaves an excellent finish for the primer & paint to adhere to. I even used it to clean up my used alum minilite wheels that are on my GT. I taped off the polished rim area & blasted the spokes. They came out like new.

My other blast cabinet has very sharp,quick removing "black beauty" media in it. This I use for really rusted or heavy steel parts. NOT recommended for thin sheetmetal. Rusted steel rims that are going to be painted clean up fast.

No matter what type of media you use, don't blast in one spot too long to prevent heating or pitting the metal. You can also adjust the air pressure. There are many other blast medias that are softer & harsher than these. My 66 Mustang was plastic media blasted & then I primed it in PPG epoxy primer. (still that way) My Mach 1 I chemical stripped (messy).

As for clouding up in the cabinet, do you have a small shop vac you can attach? It will keep it a bit clearer. When the media wears out it won't clean parts as good & gets really cloudy. Sand is a few medias harsher than glass so it should take the paint off of those headlight buckets pretty quickly.

Tom C
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