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Screw in lower ball joints

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There was talk of modifying GT lower control arms to accept Chrysler "screw in" type of ball joint a while back but I don't think anybody gave the part #
Are they (Moog)K719, 727 or 781's? In going thru my car this winter the lower joints are starting to get loose so now's the time.

Lee Frisvold
73 GT 2.4 SM2
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Keep in mind that this modification will lower the front ride height and alter the roll center. Also, on a GT the spindle will require reaming to fit the larger diameter ball joint, so you'll need to buy or borrow a tapered reamer to do this. If this hasn't scared you away, I can look up the part number for the ball joint I've used in the past.
It's the 772 ball joint. It'll be listed as an upper BTW. The lower on these big old American cars is GIANT....

Thanks Guys
And no Bob I'm not scared at this small mod. ;)
The last ones I bought were TRW #10162. don't forget you need to order the ball joint threaded sleeves from a circle-track supply shop too. Assuming you set the bottom of the threaded sleeve in the same position as the flange for the stock press-in type ball joints, the ride height will lower by about 7/8". There is some flexibility here, you can move the position of the new welded sleeve up and down somewhat to alter the ride height to your liking. You will need less negative camber BTW....


Here's a link to a few photos on an Ascona front a-arm, with the welded-in ball joint sleeve. http://www.opelgt.com/forums/showpost.php?p=40105&postcount=3
Thanks Bob
I already sourced the joint and the weld in threaded inserts plus I have a friend with a tapered reamer i can use
I'm making more changes in the off season this year than I have in a long time. I'm going from 15X7 rims with 225x45x15 to 13X9's with 235x45x13's that are about 1.75 inches smaller in diameter so I'm SO pumped :)
I always use a pyrometer to check my set up every spring and we have two test & tunes in the schedule.

Lee Frisvold
73GT 2.4 SM2 long time autocrosser
there is a Ball joint out there that is press in no mods needed

it will do the same thing as the screw in (was on my race GT when i bought it)

I'm just to lazy to head over to NAPA and dig through there books

there Books used to have all kinds of specs

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