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As some of you may know Jim Marchitto, our president, in contemplating leaving the San Diego area. I have been asked to update the club roster and have been given all the e-mail addresses that Jim had available. In order to update the roster, so you can receive the latest info on the club and also info on meetings and events, I would appreciate you responding back to me so that I can fill out all the information to keep the roster current. If you feel you do not wish to divulge the requested information, I have no problem with that, realising the problems with identity theft. This will be strictly used for information about what's happening in the club. What I would like to have is the following information:

Last name:
First Name/MI:
E-mail Address:
Street Address:
Phone numbers: ie. Cell #/Home #/Work #

I've already sent this message out to those I already have e-mail adresses on, but the list was incomplete, so you may have received this and an e-mail as well.

You can send the information via e-mail from this site or send an e-mail to:

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Thanks Ron

There are many people in the San Diego county who own Opels but never have come to an event.

Maybe they are just not "joiners"

Our club is FREE to join just come in your Opel to an event.

If you care to join the OMC there is a fee to join

There are people who came to events and have not come back.

I want to say the San Diego Club is a very good one because of the people in it and I hope it continues to be good after 2006.

The events we have are fun :
I am thinking the Fallbrook Vintage Car Show could be deleted next year as it is hard to get over 10 cars there and we can not compete with the MB's and Jaguars in our class.

Anyway I know Ron, Robin and Bill will do a great job at keeping the club functioning.

Happy Opeling

Jim Marchitto resigning president of the SDOMC
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